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  • Latte the Climber

    Latte loves to climb, usually the wiremesh on the doors, but sometimes as on this occassion she will jump onto a curtain rail for several minutes of playing.

  • Driving Test - Part 1

    The driving test in Thailand is split into 3 parts, namely physical fitness, theory and practical test.  Today was fitness and theory.  It was also a test of suprememe patience, but in retrospect that is probably a quality needed for driving in urban Thailand.

  • Kae Rai Cycling Club - Night Cycling - 4/4/2013

    I am still new to night cycling, I prefer cycling during the day even though it is hot in Thailand.  However from a practical point of view, night cycling is the only way for many to get some exercse during the week due to time restraints.  From those I talked to it is becoming an increasingly popular activity in the Bangkok area.

  • Somewhere to Bowl at Last

    In a crowded area of Thailand such as just outside Bangkok it is not easy to find space to bowl a cricket ball safely.  Having borrowed some cricket balls from my club, I'd spent a while looking around for somewhere suitable, and noticed that a temple school playing field around 5km from where I live has suitably small mesh to stop a cricket ball.  I can safely say I got some strange looks...


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